Nine Worlds Aug 12-14

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Loved meeting so many cool fans, bloggers and fellow authors at last year’s Nine Worlds. This year I’m on the following panels if you want to come say hello:

Getting fighting wrong
Cremant, 11:45am – 12:45pm (Living Words)
Tracks: Living Words

Meaningful exchanges of blows: how to lose pace and focus in every action scene! A lot of things go into a good action sequence – sharp things, explodey things, possibly an angry person waving a mildly threatening stick – but what does it actually take to make a fight scene work? How does writing a battle differ from running one, if at all? Here are some authors to spill their guts! Hopefully not literally. PLEASE not literally.

Without fear
Reims, 5:00pm – 6:00pm (Living Words)
Tracks: Living Words

From the Young Adult section of the bookshop you can see everything. Historical fiction jostles with epic fantasy next to futuristic visions of planets and space – and classics nestle among them, perennial and consistently, magically relevant. Why and how has this happened? How has a genreless subgenre become so powerful, so borderless, so unlimited by definition and readership? What can YA teach the rest of the bookshop, and what could it learn?

What’s the teenage version of “get off my lawn”?
Bourg, 1:30pm – 2:30pm (Living Words)
Tracks: Living Words

Teenagers, adults, and the appeal of YA to a grown up audience. To what extent are teenagers in control of their genre and its content, and how much control do teenagers have over their reading in general?

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