Champion Your Favourite Books!

Here’s the simple truth: your favourite books and authors need champions. Without readers and bloggers who care about those books, they simply disappear, fading out after a week or two on the bookstore shelf.

Want to champion The Greatcoats? here’s how:

1. Pre-order the books

Why are pre-orders so helpful to authors?

  • 01 – Bestseller Lists

    They give the book its best chance at becoming a bestseller because all pre-orders are counted as being part of the first week’s sales.

  • 02 – Bookstore Orders

    Pre-orders help bookstores see that readers like the author’s work and give them a reason to order more than just a single copy.

  • 03 – Publisher Focus

    Publishers see pre-orders as indicators that the author’s work matters to their readers and encourages them to put more into marketing the book.

  • 04 – Author Encouragement

    Pre-orders tell authors that they have genuine fans–people who are looking forward to their next book. There’s no better motivation to get your favourite authors to keep writing!

Pre-order Saint’s Blood

Book 3 in the acclaimed fantasy series takes outlaw spellslinger Kellen and his thieving squirrel cat business partner to a new land filled with intrigue and deception.

Find the perfect edition for you!

2. Write A Quick Review

Reviews help your favourite books get noticed

01 – Discoverability

Platforms like Amazon, Kobo and others rely on reader reviews to determine which books to show people looking for books.

02 – Readers Love Them

Potential buyers look at reviews to decide if this book is for them. Being specific about what you enjoy gives them confidence that the book is worth reading.

03 – How Many Stars?

That’s up to you, but be aware that if the book’s average is higher than 4 stars, then rating it 4 stars or less brings the average down.

Review Sebastien’s Books

Select the book you want to review and click on the links for the sites where you want to post your review. Amazon and Goodreads are especially helpful.

3. Spread the word!

Know someone who might enjoy the same books as you?

Share a photo

When you take a picture of yourself with a book, you inspire others to read as well.

Write about it

Write a blog post, a note on Facebook, or even just a tweet about what you’re reading.

Give a gift

Think about a time when someone gave you a book you fell in love with. Time to return the favour!

Talk to your library

Not everyone can afford to buy books. Most libraries will happily stock a book if someone requests it.

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