First Reviews of Saint’s Blood!

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When your next book is about to come out, there’s a certain trepidation about how it’s going to be received. It’s not a question of whether the book is any good or not (I have the inimitable Jo Fletcher to decide that for me)┬ábut rather whether it will live up to the hopes and expectations of people who have enjoyed the series thus far. It’s hard to describe just how much work went into Saint’s Blood, but suffice it to say, I spent more than three times as much tears, sweat, and, well, blood (though not saintly) on it than the first two in the series.

So, here are the first book blog reviews of Saint’s Blood:

BibliosanctumSB - UK Edition - Large
Jennifer Melzer
Liz Loves Books
The Book Plank
Accessories Not Included
Fantasy Smorgasbord
Over The Effing Rainbow
Parmenion Books

On Goodreads it’s averaging over 4.5 out of 5 stars and doing similarly well on Amazon.

That sound you’re hearing is me breathing a big sigh of relief.

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