Knight’s Shadow

The Greatcoats have found the heir to the throne . . . but now they must keep her alive, against all the odds.

Falcio Val Mond has completed the final task given to him by the late King Paelis: he has found the King’s Charoites (well, one at least). But his task isn’t over, and now he, Kest and Brasti must protect the girl from those her want her dead.

The second book in the acclaimed swashbuckling series that took the fantasy world by storm.

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Fighting off the heir’s enemies would be simple enough, if it weren’t for the renegade Knights and legendary Dashini assassins, getting in their way, not to mention the Dukes, who are desperate to hold on to their power at any cost, or Trin, the merciless daughter of the ruthless Duke of Rijou and the cruel Duchess of Hervor, who is determined to be Queen of Tristia. Of course, the fact that the heir to the throne is thirteen years old doesn’t help, nor the fact that every day brings Falcio closer to dying from the poison running through his veins.

And then there is the Greatcoats Lament . . .

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Alternate Map

This map was commissioned separately from the one that appears in the UK editions. Both have their merits, but which one do you prefer?

The War Against The Black Tabards

An early illustration depicting the fight between the Greatcoats and the Black Tabards.

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