Touring Fantasy Festivals

Check out my events page if you want to know where I’ll be on the tour. I’ll try to update as soon as I get info from the organizers.

One of the first things people warned me when I started my career as an author way back in 2014 was that only blockbuster authors ever got to do book tours. Fortunately for me, that rule seems highly bendable. I’ve been fortunate enough to have my books published in fourteen languages and to get to do quite a bit of book touring. What’s surprising, though, is just how much variety there is in each type of event:

Guest of Honour

This was my first time being a guest of honour and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer group of people than the fine folks at the Esbjerg Fantasy Festival in Denmark. Not only did they fly me out from Canada, put me up in a nice hotel, and take excellent care of me, they were also just plain fun to hang out with. Best of all, I got to meet and spend a great deal of time with the legendary Patricia Briggs and her best friend and assistant, Ann. The two of them are wonderfully down to earth and kind, which meant I had the benefit of mentorship and thus managed to not completely embarrass myself in public.

Convention Panelist

What’s fun about panels is that you get to learn from other authors as well as from thoughtful and informed audiences. I’ve done a lot of panels and I never seem to get tired of them. I’m really looking forward to being on panels at Wigtown, DeptCon, and others.

Bookstore Events

The trick with these is that you never know if you’ll be talking to a packed house or four people who just happened to walk by when you started talking. Often these happen as interviews, which can be a lot of fun depending on whether the interviewer has heard of your books before or not . . .

School Talks

I’m always a bit shy about these. It seems like schools get squeezed more and more, and lesson time is at a premium. In a bookstore it’s just understood that you’re there to meet fans and promote books, but students at a school have a right to expect that everyone put in front of them is there to enhance their education. I’ll try my best.

Stock Signings

Sometimes you’re sent to a bookstore to do nothing more than sign copies of the books they put out on the shelf. No audience, no fanfare, just you and a pen and a soon-to-be-sore hand. That said, almost every time I’ve done it I’ve gotten to meet interesting booksellers who are, of course, some of the most well-educated and informed fantasy fans you could hope to meet.

Dinners . . . Dinners . . . Dinners!

I swear, there’s nothing publishers love more than taking authors out to dinner. The conversation is always fun and informative (publishing people generally being a fun lot), but I always feel like I should pick up the cheque. Trying to do so just gets you a slap on the wrist and a stern talking-to.

It’s always a privilege . . .

Whatever form a book event takes, it always feels like you’re getting this amazing and undeserved opportunity. Whether it’s standing on a big stage, delivering a guest of honour talk to a crowd, or chatting with a reader in a signing line, it’s always fun and invigorating.

How many of these tours will I get to do? Who knows. They’re certainly rarer than in the old days (or so I’m told, anyway), so I always try to approach them as if this one is the very last one for me. Fingers crossed that’s not the case!

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