In Vancouver For The Winter

I’m pretty addicted to travelling and it’s rare for me not to fly to Europe a couple of times a year, elsewhere in Canada once or twice, and usually some new country I’ve never been to before. Covid 19 made that impossible this year, and I was lucky that I’d travelled to Toronto in January and then briefly to Mexico in early February before the lockdowns began. Now, however, it’s been many months and I’m going pretty stir crazy. On the other hand, if you’re going to be stuck somewhere during a pandemic, British Columbia is a pretty good place to be stuck.

Some interesting facts about Vancouver:

    • The Lions Gate Bridge (a beautiful bridge once used for the Tom Selleck movie “Runaway” which featured homicidal mechanical spiders running across it) was originally built by the Guinness Beer Company.
    • We have the second largest port in North America, second only to New York. Suck it, Los Angeles.
    • We have 5 – count ‘em – 5 sister cities, namely: Odessa (Ukraine), Yokohama (Japan), Edinburgh (Scotland), Guangzhou (China), and Los Angeles (United States). Uh . . . sorry about what I said before, Los Angeles.

Oh, and we invented Ryan Reynolds. You’re welcome.

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