Never leave home without a murderous squirrel cat!

Kellen, Reichis and Ferius are on their way to Gitabria, a city where amazing inventions are dreamed up and sold across the land of the Seven Sands.

But when the three of them stumble across a tiny mechanical bird, magically brought to life, they quickly realise all is not as it appears.

Meanwhile two strange Argosi appear, carrying secrets from Ferius’ past, together with an unlikely Jan’Tep ally.

And as time ticks on, all the cards in Ferius’ deck point to the emerging tides of war . . .

Third book in the critically acclaimed Spellslinger series filled with tricks, traps, and the deadliest of spells.

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I've been getting a lot of questions lately from folks in the United States and Canada who are understandably a...

The Greatcoats: legendary travelling magistrates sworn to restore the rule of law to a broken and corrupt nation. Now the king is dead, their order is disgraced, and the dukes plot to see them hanged. To fulfill their final mission, they’ll have to fight back with nothing but the swords in their hands, the coats on their backs, and the unwavering friendship that binds them together.


Mark Lawrence

Bestselling author of Prince of Thorns

Enter the world of…

Magic, adventure, and a very unusual deck of cards…

What would you give up for magic?

When you’re a Jan’tep initiate approaching your sixteenth birthday, you’d better be ready to prove your worth as a mage. Either that or work some kind of miracle.

But Kellen isn’t counting on either. He knows he needs a few tricks up his sleeve to avoid total disgrace and life as a Sha’tep servant. He just has to find the right tricks.

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About The Author

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    He’s a Canadian, born in Montreal though he’s lived most of his life in Vancouver and currently resides in The Netherlands.

  • 02

    While it’s true that he used to choreograph fight scenes for the theatre, he doesn’t really walk around with a sword challenging coffee baristas to duels.

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    He has published three books thus far in the Greatcoats series: Traitor’s Blade, Knight’s Shadow, and Saint’s Blood.

  • 04

    In addition to writing, his passions are music , travel , and going on adventures with his wonderful wife . He has two belligerent cats.

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