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One of my favourite things to do when I find a book I really enjoy is to find the little details and secrets that couldn't make it into the story. Here are some of mine.

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The map of Tristia, the country in which the Greatcoats series is set.
Dramatis Personae for Traitor's Blade
Note: I originally wrote this for Civilian Reader back in 2014. By far the most common question you get asked...
I often get asked where I got the ideas for The Greatcoats--the swordfighting travelling judges at the heart of Traitor's...

Create your very own Greatcoat’s seal by answering the questions below, then share it online and declare your mission!

A Greatcoat must be ready to duel when necessary to enforce a just verdict. Knowing your life may be in constant danger, what type of weapon would you choose?

Choose your weapon.

Our highest goal is to bring justice to those who seek it, whether they be man or woman, born high or low. Which path do you believe a Greatcoat must follow to bring real justice to the country?

What is your highest ideal?

Underneath it all, what characteristic do you believe defines your true nature?

Your greatest strength

A Greatcoat needs more than a weapon to dispense justice - they need other skills that help them survive and be respected amongst those they will depend on. Which is your strongest skill from these five?

Which is your secret skill?

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An alternate version of Falcio's flashback in the troubled city of Chevor.