The Cast of Traitor’s Blade

Aline: A young girl of Rijou, daughter of Lady Tiarren

Bal Armidor: A traveling storyteller, rumoured to be one of the Bardatti.

Beatta: A young girl of Chevor in the Duchy of Baern.

Bellow: A Greatcoat.

Boxer: A young hoodlum of Rijou.

Brasti Goodbow, the King’s Arrow: A Greatcoat. Also, a poacher, a drunkard, and, on at least one occasion, a thief.

Cairn: A young man of Rijou and a member of the so-called ‘New Greatcoats’.

Cole: A man of Rijou and a member of the so-called ‘New Greatcoats’.

Dara, the King’s Fury: A Greatcoat.

the Khunds: An Eastern tribe.

Barret: One of the lesser noble families of Rijou.

Calabrian, Irobel: A nobleman of Rijou.

Caeolo the Mystery: A man rumoured to be a mage from an older time and councillor to King Ugrid.

Cunien from Orison: A Greatcoat turned brigand and one of the original twelve Cantors.

Dergot: Dead son of King Greggor & Queen Yesa; King Paelis’ half-brother.

Ethalia, of the Order of Merciful Light: A woman of Rijou.

Etricia: A woman of Rijou and a member of the so-called ‘New Greatcoats’.

Falcio val Mond, First Cantor of the Greatcoats, the King’s Heart: A man of Pertine.

Fost: An axe-wielding mercenary.

Feltock, Captain (once General): A former soldier in the Ducal Armies, now a caravan captain.

Greggor, King: Deceased King of Tristia, father to Paelis.

Hajan: A monk of Gazia

Heimrin: The King’s Armourer.

Holm, Duke: Former Duke of Luth, now deceased.

Humber, Richel: A nobleman of Rijou.

Isault, Duke of Aramor.

Jakin: A Greatcoat.

Jillard, Andreas, Duke of Rijou: A Duke who brought the tradition of the Blood Week to his Duchy.

Kest, the King’s Sword: A man of Luth and a Greatcoat.

Kreff: A caravan guard.

Kurg: A caravan guard.

Laetha: An apothecary of Rijou, supposed daughter-in-law of Aline’s nursemaid, Mattea.

Laffariste, Lady: A confidante of King Paelis.

Lorenzo: A swordsman of Rijou, leader of the so-called ‘New Greatcoats’.

Lynniac, Captain: A Knight of Aramor.

Mixer: A sharpney dog. Also sometime bodyguard to Venger.

Morn: A Greatcoat.

Mott: A man of Rijou, one of the so-called ‘New Greatcoats’.

Murrow: A swordmaker of Luth, father to Kest.

Nile, the King’s Arm: A Greatcoat.

Old Tobb: a Greatcoat.

Oldeth, Mallia: A noblewoman of Rijou.

Paelis, King: Now-deceased King of Tristia.

Parrick: AGreatcoat.

Patriana, Duchess of Hervor: Ruler of Hervor and the instigator of the removal of King Paelis.

Perault, Duke of Orison.

Pimar: Valet to King Paelis.

Quillata: a Greatcoat and one of the original twelve Cantors.

Radger: An apothecary and supposed son of Mattea.

Ran: A Greatcoat.

Shana: A Greatcoat.

Shiballe: Chief councillor to the Duke of Rijou.

Sulless: A woman of Rijou and one of the so-called ‘New Greatcoats’.

Yerren: A minor noble family of Rijou.

Quistellios: A minor noble family of Rijou.

Tailor, the (also known as Mattea): A woman of Tristia, councillor to the King and creator of the coats worn by the Greatcoats.

Tiarren, Lady: A noblewoman of Rijou and the mother of Aline.

Tommer: A boy of Rijou and son of Duke Jillard.

Tremondi, Lord: One of the Lords Caravaner.

Trin: A young woman of Hervor and maidservant to Valiana.

Ugh: A torturer in the dungeons of Rijou.

Ugrid, King: A once King of Tristia.

Valiana: A woman of Hervor.

Venger: young leader of a gang of hoodlums in Rijou.

Winnow: A Greatcoat.

Yesa, Queen: Second wife to King Greggor

Yered, Duke of Pertine: Now deceased.

Zierry: A noble family of Rijou.

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