The many fun, weird things about being an author

There are so many unusual-yet-cool events in an author’s life. I remember the first time I saw cover art for Traitor’s Blade, the first time I got notes back from the inimitable Jo Fletcher (picture a word document covered in red ink), the first piece of physical fan mail…there are a ton of these moments and they’re all wonderful.

One I never really expected was to see actual merchandise based on my books. That changed with I was approached by the very nice folks at USBMemoryDirect who said they were interested in creating some new designs based on novels and asked if I was interested.

So we talked back and forth a bit, experimented with designs, and finally settled on the ones you see above. Since the Spellslinger series deals with strange and esoteric playing cards, it was only natural that the USB keys should follow suit (hah – see how I worked the word ‘suit’ in there? Who says I’m not a real writer…)

We wanted to keep these as something special, so they aren’t for sale. My lovely publishers at Hot Key Books have some for contests and special events, and I have a few as prizes for when people are kind enough to come to my readings.

It’s such a strange thing to see your book cover on a USB key, and such unexpected fun. So, thanks to Taylor Chastain at USBMemoryDirect for bringing a little more spellslinging magic into the world.

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