Writing Queenslayer

Queenslayer is the fifth book in the Spellslinger Series.

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September 14th – By the gods of sea and sky, Kellen is a mean bastard . . .

Making a number of tonal changes to the story. When I first wrote Queenslayer years ago, Kellen was really callous and hard-bitten. I still want a bit of that edge to him (after all, he’s been hunted by his people ever since he got the Shadowblack), but I also want that vulnerability that’s so key to his character. Also, man is Reichis ever evil in this book. That part I’m not changing, though. He is a squirrel cat, after all.

August 21st, 2018 – Okay . . . how do I do this now?

Queenslayer was actually the first Spellslinger book I wrote. I’d wanted to write about an outlaw mage with a lousy life – no money, no prospects, hunted by his people and abused by his mean-spirited “business partner”. However when it was time to go to a series, everyone agreed we needed to see Kellen’s origins, and so the earlier books came to life. Since Queenslayer’s already written, this should be easy, right? Piece of cake. Just a tweak here or there for continuity . . .

Nope. I’ve got to go line by line, page by page, and chapter by chapter to figure out what the book wants to be now, and not what it was when I first wrote it.

Still, it sure is fun to read just how much of a jerk Reichis was in that book.

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